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Welcome to Writing Sucks. I’m Desirée and I love all things writing, but man, it can suck, sometimes. If you enjoy reading about social change or you’re a lover of thrillers (like me), then feel free to check out my blog or wrap your mind around something more gripping by reading excerpts of my debut novel, Broken Mirrors.   
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Broken Mirrors

Excerpts from my debut novel…

“I had to survive”, are the first four words I hear as I sit and wait for Dr Avery. It is my first time visiting Bellamy Clarke’s Therapy Clinic in Harley Street, London.
I later learn that those words belonged to Cynthia, who had originally said them as she sliced her husband’s throat. She spoke those exact words every time we sat in reception waiting to commence our appointments. I sometimes wondered if she was pleading her innocence to me.
After serving six years in prison for manslaughter, reduced from ten, Cynthia still relieve her stories of abuse at the hands of her now deceased husband. A part of me really hopes that counselling helps Cynthia and that it helps me also. Releasing us both from our pasts. She as a killer (albeit unintentional) and me as a widow….

“He no longer loves you,” were the words that capsized my marriage. They are also the words that now constantly whirl inside my head. I had first read them in a rambling email that detailed my husband’s extramarital affair.
Uncannily I admired his mistress boldness. It was quite a striking comment, one that must have been based on the assurance that it would not come back to bite her.
The email detailed my husband’s romanticisms; the long walks in the countryside, endless bouquet of flowers and gifts, and being told how beautiful he found her. Of course he told her that our marriage’s failure was my fault. He was unhappy and that I no longer understood him. This cracked me up, how cliché.

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