Britain’s immaturity when it comes to racism

It’s official. Great Britain (GB) is a child when it comes to effectively addressing racism. I don’t make this observation lightly and when I say that my feelings fluctuate between frustration and apathy, I don’t do so casually.  Last week, the government released its report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities. Before I divulge,Continue reading “Britain’s immaturity when it comes to racism”

Placards are not always needed

My apologies for my absence, February was an exciting month as I finally finished my manuscript!! Enjoy the read and thanks for your support. Let me start this blog by saying that I’m not a ‘Miss Know-It-All’ when it comes to achieving social and racial equality. I am also learning how to swim in anContinue reading “Placards are not always needed”

Black p****** are not just for Christmas

A friend of mine recently posted on Instagram a selection of phrases that have been said to her. One of the visuals she displayed said: “It’s on my bucket list to f*** a Black girl.” Unfortunately, this does not surprise me. As a Black female who has spent her entire career working in spaces dominatedContinue reading “Black p****** are not just for Christmas”

The future doesn’t just belong to young people

Let me start by saying I like young people. Their energy, enthusiasm, their desire for real change is exciting to witness and for what it’s worth, I’ll be supporting them every way I can. However, when I hear people say, “we need to do (fill in the blank) for younger people/generation,” it does make meContinue reading “The future doesn’t just belong to young people”

Before Barack Obama…

There was Shirley Franklin, the first female African American mayor of the City of Atlanta who came into power in 2001, and I had the pleasure of working for her. During my second year at Middlesex University, I was awarded a scholarship to study at Spelman College, a historically Black college and university, also knownContinue reading “Before Barack Obama…”